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Artista Academy of Music

So, what do you do when you’re commuting long distances, feeling stressed out, want a breather between those hectic meetings or sometimes even while working on your systems? Admit it - ‘LISTEN TO MY FAVOURITE MUSIC!’ would have crossed your mind at least once! We’re with you! It has this awesome power to change your mood and make you feel happy intrinsically! We’re not the only ones saying it; hard-working scientists at top research institutes are constantly working towards understanding its magical properties. Imagine, if just listening to music can have such awesome effects on your mind and spirit, what can LEARNING music do to your well-being! For starters, your creativity is piqued, your senses are more in control and of course this is a much more productive way of utilizing your free time! Who knows, the next big thing to hit the music scene could be among one of you! ;) At Artista Academy of Music, we have music professionals who have realised this and believe in transferring the goodness to others! You get more when you give, right? :) So get in touch if you want to learn Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard or Vocals from professionals and hit the stage in the next 4 months!

Please keep +91 or 0 before the number when you dial.
  • #747, 1st Floor, Krishna Temple Road, Indiranagar
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